Why You Should Be Spending Time Keeping Up With The Kardashians...

Not Current Events

Never Stress About Hot Button Topics in Your Pageant Again. That's Our Promise.

Hey there! 

As someone who has prepped and competed for both Miss USA and Miss America, I know how much TIME and EFFORT it takes to keep up with the news.


Not to mention, the struggle to decode what's "fake news" and what the heck is actually going on.


As a full-time music student (= insanity btw) while I prepped for Miss America, to running three companies while preparing for Miss USA, the process of preparing for the toughest questions in pageantry was super uncoordinated, took forever, and was the last thing I ever wanted to do. Have you ever been there?


So I decided to fix it.


Watch the short 7-Minute video below to learn a little bit more about our solution to perfectly positioned On Stage Question & Current Events prep that will leave you feeling calm, in-the-know, and prepared to share your specific ideology without ending up on YouTube.


Affordable. Time-Saving. Bi-Partisan.

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